Photo Booths

What you need to know before booking a photo booth

When it comes to photo booths, just like any wonderful occasion, they come in all sorts of sizes and styles. We will let you know which photo booth best suits your occasion, whether that be for weddings, 21st birthday parties, school fairs or graduation ceremonies we have a booth to suit.


Photo Booths

Having a photo booth will definitely add to the enjoyment for any occasion.

Our photo booths come with all the props needed to create an enjoyable atmosphere and we also have different colour back drops to suit any social theme. With a great photographer backing it all up, you will surely create some wonderful memories.

For All Occasions

Our photo booths have been used at all sorts of events.

Socials / Formals
Public events
Market day stalls

Video & Photos

Our photo booths can take pictures and also short video messages!

Video messages are great for weddings.

The video can last for 30 seconds and record the audio message that will then be saved to a disk later on for viewing.

Props & Styles

All full range of dress up props, hats, glasses, ties and moustaches will be provided.

Different photo booth styles can be set up to match a certain theme. Lights and a range of colour options are available upon request.

Automatic Touch Screen

Our automatic photo booths are photo booths that don't need a photographer and can run independently with the use of a touch screen to trigger the camera.

The touch screen can also show a live preview before taking the photo.

Custom templates with the name of the event or other graphics can also be applied to the photos.

Making a booking


Booking a photo booth is easy, once you get in contact with us we will ask you a few questions about your special occasion and what kind of photo booth you want to have.


How many people are you inviting?

Where and when?

How much space do you have?

Do you have a colour theme?


 All photo booth bookings include a decorative DVD disk containing all the high resolution digital files.

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